A Litter

Born 18th September 2011 (4 girls, 2 boys)

Sire - Arie (Am Ch Firefly's Are Your Duxinarow)                                                          Dam - Brodeur (Foxdown Brodeur at Tollerice)

 Arie a                                                Brodeur

 Hips: A                                                                                                                                 Hips: 14 (8,6)

Elbows: Clear                                                                                                                       Elbows: 0

Optigen PRA: Clear                                                                                                            Optigen PRA: Clear

Optigen CEA: Clear                                                                                                            Optigen CEA: Clear

                                                                                                                                               Dilute: D/D


 18/9/11 - Brodeur has had her puppies, there were 6 in total  - 4 girls and 2 boys. Both mum and pups are doing well.

Boy 1 day 1   Boy 2 day 1  Girl 1 day 1           

Girl 2 day 1  Girl 3 day 1  Girl 4 day 1


 Pups feeding at 4 days of age.



The pups are now 2 weeks old and have really grown. Their eyes are open and they are starting to become more mobile.

Feeding at 2 weeks old

The Boys

Boy 1 2 weeks old          Boy 2 2 weeks old

The Girls

Girl 1 2 weeks old     Girl 2 2 weeks old d    Girl 3 2 weeks old     Girl 4 2 weeks old a

 Pups at 2 weeks of age, not great light as it was early in the morning.




The pups are now 3 weeks old and it has been great getting to know the lovely families they are going to be going to in 5 weeks time. The time is flying past. They had a taste of a milky mix last night (only a couple of the girls got stuck in). Today they had their first proper meal, it wasn't as messy as I thought it would be. They are starting to play with each other and interact with some of the toys they now have in the pen. I have also started playing the Sounds Sociable (everyday environmental sounds as well as some frightening ones such as fireworks) CD to them at a very low volume. The volume will increase slightly every couple of days.

The Boys

Boy 1 3 weeks old c      Boy 2 3 weeks old

The Girls

Girl 1 3 weeks old    Girl 2 3 weeks old e    Girl 3 3 weeks old     Girl 4 3 weeks old

Them having a proper solid meal

first proper meal e



The pups are now 4 weeks old and half-way through their time with us :-(. They are now developing their individual characters. Currently they are on 2 meals a day with the rest coming from mum but in the following week this will go to 4 meals a day with only a little bit from mum. They have had a few firsts this week with going outside for the first time (not something that will happen much if the weather gets wet and cold), they were also allowed free time in the lounge with the other 2 dogs. They all coped with this very well.

The Boys

Boy 1 4 weeks a     Boy 2 4 weeks a

The Girls

Girl 1 4 weeks b    Girl 2 4 weeks a    Girl 3 4 weeks a    



Girl 3 - Red                                                                  Girl 4 - Pink

Girl 4 at 4 weeks waving

First time outside h    3 weeks and 2 days e



5 weeks old now and coming on in leaps and bounds. They are discovering the world around them with their mouths (which can be a bit ouchy so bite inhibition is being started). We are trying to get them outside each day even if only for a few minutes and they get quite a bit of free time - in short bursts - in the lounge. This week sees them getting one on one training and playing time.

Weekly mugshots are getting harder to take as soon as they are put on the photos platform (the sofa) they are off and looking for an escape route.

Unfortunately it now looks like one of the boys will be available, if you are interested please contact us.

The Boys

Boy 1 at 5 weeks      Boy 2 at 5 weeks f

The Girls

Girl 1 at 5 weeks b   Girl 2 (maroon) at 5 weeks   Girl 3 at 5 weeks c   

Girl 4 at 5 weeks b

Group photos

Family groupOutside 5 weeks and 1 day b




2 weeks to go until they start leaving for their new homes. They are growing so fast and are very active and interactive. Clicker training has started and they have also been out socialising this week and getting used to the car.

They have all now got their names (kennel and pet) and new homes to go to apart from Boy 2 (we have called him Crosby so he doesn't feel left out in having a name). If you think you would be a suitable home for him please get in touch.

Next week sees a continuation in socialisation and training (especially bite inhibition)

The Boys

Boy 1 (Ted) at 6 weeks                      Boy 2 (Crosby) at 6 weeks d

Boy 1 - Tollerice Ashbee aka Ted  Boy 2 - Tollerice Arnasun aka Crosby

The Girls

Girl 1(Kadri) at 6 weeks b                  Girl 2 (Jessie) at 6 weeks e

Girl 1 - Tollerice Aivazoff aka Kadri  Girl 2 - Tollerice Ambroziak aka Jessie

Girl 3 (Jessie) at 6 weeks e                 Girl 4 (Meghan) at 6 weeks f

Girl 3 - Tollerice Aubin aka Jessie                                  Girl 4 - Tollerice Antoski aka Meghan





7 weeks old now and had their first experience with fireworks. There is a big display at our local park and the pups didn't react at all to it. They even went out for toileting and didn't react to the few bangs that were going on which is brilliant.


Training is going well and they pick new things up quickly. They have been out in the car on their own to the local pet shop for socialising.


Next weekend the puppies start going to their new homes, it will be sad to see them go.


The Boys


Ted Boy 1 at 7 weeks b     Boy 2 at 7 weeks b


Ted - Tollerice Ashbee                                        Crosby - Tollerice Arnasun




The Girls


Girl 1 - Kadri at 7 weeks c      Girl 2 - Jessie M at 7 weeks


Kadri - Tollerice Aivazoff                              Jessie M - Tollerice Ambroziak


Girl 3 - Jessie O at 7 weeks b     Girl 4 - Megan at 7 weeks g



Ted and Jessie M went to their new homes this weekend and we have had updates from their families that they have both settled in well. Very proud of these two.

Crosby has now found a lovely family to live with forever; him, Jessie O and Meghan will be going to their new homes next weekend.

Training has been going well and the pups all know what the clicker means and are responding well to it. They are starting to ask to go out to the toilet as well which is really good. They were all microchipped on Wednesday and had a check over by the vet, they weren't phased by this at all.

7 weeks and 3 days c

The Boys

Boy 1 (Ted) 8 weeks     Boy 2 (Crosby) 8 weeks b

Ted - Tollerice Ashbee                                        Crosby - Tollerice Arnasun

The Girls

Girl 1 (Kadri) 8 weeks b     Girl 2 (Jessie M) 8 weeks

Kadri - Tollerice Aivazoff                                  Jessie - Tollerice Ambroziak


Girl 3 (Jessie O) 8 weeks     Girl 4 (Meghan) 8 weeks

Jessie - Tollerice Aubin                                       Meghan - Tollerice Antoski





The last 3 pups; Jessie O, Meghan and Crosby all went to their new homes this weekend. Very sad saying goodbye but know we will meet up with them in the future.




April 2012

The pups were 6 months old on the 18th of March, half of their first year gone already, where does the time go. They are all settled and doing very well in their new homes.

Pictures of them at 6 months:

The Boys

ted 6 months old a          crosby 6 months old d

Ted (Tollerice Ashbee)                                                                              Crosby (Tollerice Arnasun)


The Girls

Kadri 6 months old             jessie m 6 months old d

Kadri                                             Jessie M (Tollerice Ambroziak)

(Tollerice Aivazoff)

jessie o 6 months old c          Meghan 6 months old

Jessie O (Tollerice Aubin)                            Meghan (TollericeAntoski)


October 2012

Met up with all of the pups from this litter for a belated 1st birthday party. They are all doing very well in their homes and was great to see them having such fun.


 Crosby 1 year Crosby at 1 year Crosby at a year

Jessie M

Jessie M 1 year  Jessie M at 1 year Jessie M

 Jessie M and Crosby  Jessie M and Crosby


Jessie O

Jessie O 1 year  Jessie O at 1 year



Meghan 1 year  Meghan at a year old



Ted 1 year  Ted at 1 year  Ted at a year



Kadri 1 year old