Erikachen Feidhelm at Tollerice, Nov Ex, RL2ex

 Voros on alert

Callname: Voros

DoB: 14/05/2009

Sex: Male

Colour: Buff

Health Results

Hip Score: 13 (8/5)

Elbow Score: 0

Optigen Prcd-PRA and CEA clear by parentage

BVA Eye test: unaffected till April 2015

Heart Test: Clear (18/3/14)

Degernerative Myleopathy: Carrier

JADD (genetic marker): Carrier

Dilute colour test: d/d

Voros is a happy and cheerful young man. He loves playing tuggy, being with his humans and training (he likes to be 'doing' things).

Voros is a buff toller which means that he has the dilute gene giving him a washed out appearance, this doesn't impact on his health or temperament.

Voros has been competing in obedience for 7 years and he is currently competing in the top level C, he is the first Toller to become ‘C only’. It is hopeful that he will be able to gain qualifiers for ticket.

Voros has represented the Western Inter-regional obedience team at Crufts 3 times, the last two times he came 2nd in his classes and in 2015 his team also came 2nd in the competition.

He also competes in rally and has gained his RL3 Ex title, not bad as we do very few rally competitions.




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