Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers originated in Canada and the breed name is quite often shortened to Toller. The toller came to Britain in 1988 and has slowly gained in numbers and popularity. It is still a rare breed today with about 3000 in the country.

The toller is the smallest of the retriever family and works by playing near the waters edge. The waving tail attracts water fowl and they come closer to investigate. When they are close enough the hunter will collect the dog back into the hide and then shoot. The dog is then sent to retrieve the birds,especially from water.

The toller is a strong swimmer with webbed feet. They have a double coat that is quick to dry and easy to groom. Only really needs brushing once a week.

The toller is an intelligent dog, that is eager to please so is very trainable. They can get bored easily however, so avoid numerous repetitions. They are also very keen on training their humans to their satisfaction. They are an athletic breed that loves human companionship so do well in an active household. Because of this they are well suited to agility, obedience and flyball as well as gundog work.


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